Friday, October 16, 2009

Welcome to Sullivan's Story

Welcome to the website! Hopefully you're here because you were the recipient of one of our random acts of kindness and have followed the web address on the card to this website. We created this so that people can hear about our sweet Sullivan and about our Savior.

You can read the parts to the story in any order you wish, but if you'd like to read from the start to finish, here are the titles and the links for you.

The Pregnancy

Finding Out

Telling People


Meeting Sullivan

The Funeral


Thanks for stopping by! Please leave comments, we'd love to hear how your life was touched by Sullivan.

1 comment:

  1. Hello,
    My son found one of these cards with two dollars attached, and I followed the website info to tell you all. Here's the thing. He's just turned 12. He found the card on his birthday in a newspaper box here in indianapolis. His birthday was June 12th, two days ago.

    He was so profoundly touched by the event and the symmetry of it. Thank you for your random acts of kindness, honoring a sweet boy, and teaching my son such an important life lesson. I hope hearing this helps your family on this special anniversary.