Sunday, June 11, 2017

Love, Sullivan (2017)

Thank you to all who joined in and did acts of kindness for Sullivan, and to those who called/emailed/texted.

Here are just some of the things done in honor of Sullivan's birthday this year:
-bubbles handed out to a dozen children playing at a splash pad
-clothes for an 8 yr old boy given to domestic violence shelter
-large tip left for waitress
-printer paper donated to hospital grief coordinator so they can print photos of babies that pass away
-paying for person behind in drive thru line
-Target gift card given randomly to someone in the store
-donation to Molly Bears
-donation to March of Dimes
-sweet tea brought to family member
-lunch bought for church staff
-children's books purchased and donated to domestic violence shelter

Thanks again for remembering Sullivan.
This loss will never be hurtless 
but your kindness makes it hurt less.

Again this year we honor the memory of our baby and his brief life by doing acts of kindness on his birthday.  If you found us as a result of someone leaving behind a card and doing something kind for you, welcome!

If you are joining in by doing an act of kindness for Sullivan, please comment or otherwise let us know.  We'll update this post to share some of the things done in honor of Sullivan.

Tomorrow (June 12) is the day!  Thank you for helping us celebrate our baby boy.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Love, Sullivan (2016)

Sullivan's 7th birthday would be this Sunday.

If you are joining us by doing an act of kindness, please feel free to post in the comments here.  So far we've had 3 people tell me about things they've done for him this year!
Thank you for making our day a little easier by honoring our baby.

If you found this website because someone did something nice for you and left a card with this link: welcome!  We hope your day was brightened!  You can read more about Sullivan's life here.

J & T

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Love, Sullivan 2014

THIS is the place to post your acts of kindness for Sullivan's birthday today.  Commenting should be easy, I have it set to let you comment using google, blogger, just your name, or anonymously.
This is incredibly sweet. ❤
Thanks for helping us celebrate our little boy's birthday in heaven!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Our 1st Act of Kindness for 2014

This was our first act of kindness for Sullivan's birthday this year:

Our church has a fridge full of soda that you can purchase for .50 cents per can.  We prepaid for 5 (since Sullivan is turning 5) sodas and left a sign on the money bucket in the refrigerator.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

9 days to go. . .

Just 9 short days until our baby boy will spend his 5th birthday in heaven.  We hope to see lots of people join us in honoring his life by doing an act (or two, or ten!) of kindness for others.

One thing we are really excited about doing this year is the Coffee Tip.  I've always wanted to do this but we never have. This year while our living children are at VBS, my husband and I are going in to a restaurant to order just coffees and then leaving a bIg tip when we leave.  Waitresses work so. hard. We hope to brighten the day of one of them on Sullivan's birthday!

We have other acts of kindness up our sleeves but we'll wait to share those until later!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Coming Soon: Love, Sullivan 2014

Heads up! Just a little over one month to go until Sullivan's fifth birthday!  We'd love to honor him once again by doing acts of kindness for others.  We love when you all join in!

New this year, Love, Sullivan will take place entirely here, on the blog.  In past years we have done it here and on facebook.  This year we're streamlining and will have a designated post HERE for you to comment with your act of kindness. :)

Please, use facebook/email/social media to tell your friends and family about Sullivan and his special birthday. Just be sure to come back here on his birthday to see what's going on.

June 12. 2014!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Love, Sullivan (2013)

As we prepare for Sullivan's 4th birthday in heaven, we are again asking you to join in and honor his memory by doing an act of kindness.

June 12th is now less than 2 weeks away!  We have 125 people in the facebook event committed to doing this with us!

Please join in, you can post here or on the facebook group about your act of kindness.

  1. Mow the neighbor's lawn
  2. Cut flowers from your garden and deliver to someone
  3. Slow down and let someone merge/pull out in traffic
  4. Play a game with your kids that you usually wouldn't (like Lucky Ducks. Most annoying game ever!)
  5. Take extras from your pantry to a food pantry.
  6. Drop off your gently used baby items at a shelter or pregnancy center.
  7. Wash your spouse's car windows
  8. Send an e-card to someone who needs cheered up
  9. Deliver a thank you card to your dentist, hair stylist, secretary, union hall, pastor, or favorite local eatery.
  10. Visit a cemetery and look for flowers that have fallen over, stand them back up at the grave.

  1. Go to a drive-thru for the purpose of paying for the person behind you (this is SUPER fun!  The most expensive I've ever had was $7, most are $3 or less).
  2. Go in a gas station and pay for the next person to get a soda.
  3. Take a magazine to a friend who is stuck at home a lot (elderly, someone with chronic illness, a new mom)
  4. Take a boquet of flowers from the grocery store and start passing them out (in the store, at a park, at the mall)
  5. Buy a starbucks gift card, go in and wait for someone to come in. Hand them the card and leave.
  6. Take cold bottled water to road crews, a construction site, etc.
  7. Bring a tray of homemade cookies to your librarians.
  8. Visit a local toy store, buy a gift card, and leave it, asking them to give it to the next person who checks out.
  9. Take scrapbook supplies to any local hospital with a NICU (they make pages for the parents and decorate the baby's beds)
  10. Stop at a children's lemonade stand and buy a cup...or ten.  :)  

  1. Stand at the gas station and when a car pulls up behind you, let them know that this tank of gas is on you.
  2. Visit a restaurant, sit and order a coffee.  When you're done, leave a $20 bill for a tip.
  3. Purchase boxes of Drumstick ice creams and go drop them off at your firestation
  4. Contribute materials to a group taking a work trip to areas affected by natural disasters.
  5. Pack a care package for a soldier
  6. While at the grocery store, pay for the person in front of you when they get ready to check out.
  7. Support teachers and schools through Donor's Choose.  In particular, schools in Joplin, Missouri are still trying to recover from the effects of the tornadoes.  Here is a link to all the schools asking for help in Joplin. 
  8. Give a flock of chickens through Heifer International ($20).
  9. Help end deaths caused by malaria.  Nothing But Nets can provide a life saving net for a family for just $10.
  10. Pay off someone's bill.  You can stop in your local electric office, water office, mechanic's shop, anywhere!  Tell them you want to pay off someone's bill!

Finally, our two favorite charities at this time of year:
Molly Bears: 
Molly Bears
They provide bears for bereaved mothers.  The bears are custom created to weigh the same as your baby weighed.  My Sullivan Ronny bear weighs 7lb, 4oz.  It is SO special!  We love to donate to Molly Bears so that other mommies can have the same comfort.  Bears cost about $45 for Molly Bears to make and ship, but you can donate ANY amount, AND they accept paypal!

March of Dimes:
March of Dimes
Most are familiar with this organization that provides support to NICU moms and funds research and programs to prevent premature birth.  While Sullivan was not NICU or premature birth, we support March of Dimes.  If we can help one family NOT have to experience what we have, it is worth it.

Thank you for your support and for helping Sullivan leave his mark on the world by doing acts of kindness in his honor!