Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Story of Sullivan--The Pregnancy

October 11th, 2008 we invited our parents over to see some "landscaping" we had done in the yard. What they REALLY saw when they pulled up was a big yard card that said "Baby #2 Due June 22, 2009."
We had the camcorder and videoed their reactions. Both sets of parents were shocked and thrilled!

My pregnancy progressed very well. I went to all of my OB visits, and didn't have any trouble (aside from the regular ailments of pregnancy: backache, etc).

The day of our 20 week ultrasound we took our oldest son to Build-A-Bear to make a bear for his baby brother. This was going to be his gift to the baby at the hospital.

At 37 weeks I had an ultrasound just to check and make sure Sullivan was no longer breech. We are so thankful for that ultrasound! My doctor had just gotten a 3D machine so we were able to see Sullivan very clearly and see him scrunch up his face and move around. It would be the only time we'd ever see him move.

Some pictures from pregnancy---the 38 wonderful weeks I held Sullivan:

At 38 weeks I went in for my regular weekly checkup and that is when things went downhill.....

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