Honoring him at Christmas

These are ways that we honor Sullivan at Christmas, my hope is that this list may help YOU find a meaningful way to keep your baby in mind during the difficult holidays.

--Put his photo on our family Christmas card.  And in later years, decorated his gravestone for Christmas, took a photo, and included that on the cards.

--Bought a present for a child of the age Sullivan would be, put it under our Christmas tree so that he had a toy under the tree like our other kids, and then donated it after Christmas.

--Hung a stocking for him.

--Decorated his spot at the cemetery.  Last year I did a penguin theme, it was very cute and appropriate for a 2 yr old.

--Signed his name on our cards

--Asked friends and family to purchase a toy for a child of his age and donate it in his honor to the charity of their choice

--I hung a baby blue "Baby's First Christmas" stocking at the cemetery the first year.

--Hung a few ornaments for him on the tree.

--Attended a Christmas Memorial service for bereaved parents.

--Ordered a Poinsettia through our church, they publish the In Memorial names in a bulletin insert, the flowers decorated the sanctuary for awhile and we got to take ours  home on Christmas Eve.