Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love, Sullivan

If you are here from the Love, Sullivan facebook event, this post is for you! First, a big:

Second, if you want to post what act of service/kindness you did in honor of Sullivan's Second Birthday, you can do so in the comments here or on facebook (or both!).

The day will be a hard one for me. I'll get through it by stopping by and reading everyone's sweet comments and knowing that Sullivan continues to touch lives, even from his spot in Heaven!
babyinheaven, jesus, jesus with baby, stillbirth, heaven, dead baby, angel babyimage: ©1998 Shannon Wirrenga,
(Thank you Shannon!!)

PS--If you don't know what facebook event I'm talking about, it and the details are here.


  1. Over 90 acts of kindness have been posted on the facebook page now!

  2. Paid for a lady at Arby's drive thru